Thursday, April 15, 2021

Class 13

Class 13 

BR's Class 13 shunter is one of those fascinating prototypes that modellers love, but have no real use for. Designed to powerful shunters for Tinsley Marshalling Yard, the chances of anyone building a suitable layout are slim to non-existent. You'd need a massive space for a start, and the best part of a years supply of rolling stock from Bachmann. 

This model was built for my bookazine Modelling British Railways Diesel Locomotives. We needed some practical projects and this is both simple and eye-catching.

 Class 13 

Just like the prototype, I took a couple of Hornby 08 shunters and pulled the cab off one. This was replaced with RT Models conversion parts. No soldering is really required, you can do the whole job with glue making it one for relative newbies to the hobby. 

One thing to be careful with is your selection of base models. Try to get some with wasp stripes on the end, making painting easier. And check the selection of cabinets on the side. I had to cast a set of grilles to fit in place of some originally hidden by a cabinet. I'm not telling you which ones, but it was a job that I'd have been happier not to have to do. 

The locos aren't linked electrically, but then the model hasn't really been used in anger so I've not idea how much of a problem this might be.

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Woody said...

Hello Phil, Strangely enough Model Rail May edition out today has an item on modelling a hump yard in minimum space complete with a nice picture of a Class 13 at Tinsley. Regards,Woody