Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Waterborne Wednesday: Canal workboats


A quick trip to Hatton Locks for some research allowed me to grab photos of a couple of the Canal & Waterways Trusts workboats. I know they aren't as glamorous as the pretty canal cruisers, but I like them. Definitely on the "one day" list for a model or two.

The wide-beam boat is new to me. I didn't know they were in use around here, although I have seen a wide liveaboard in the middle of Leamington. 



Nick Brad said...

I'll have to take a walk along the riverside sometime soon and gather some shots of the boats moored along there. Not the pretty ones on the brayford, which as you say, are less interesting, but the ones that live further away from Lincoln city centre, where there are all kinds, large and small.

James Finister said...

An odd history in terms of the width, the Grand Union never became a wide canal for its whole length, and even this section only allows for boats 12'6" wide. Not many working boats were built to that gauge, and those that looked quite odd, being more like wide beam narrowboats than more usual wide beam craft like the Leeds and Liverpool "short boats"