Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Duke of Edinburgh on my layout


The Duke of Edinburgh's recent passing reminded me that he, and the Queen, once visited my layout, Flockburgh. 

At least, they visited it in the form of miniatures based on their 1950s selves by the German model manufacturer Preiser.

Of course I tried to find a photo of the event, and the only one I located is above. Phillip is in the blue suit on the far left of the photo. Not sure who he is chatting to, because the Queen is further along the platform talking to Teddy Roosevelt if I remember right. 

I hope he enjoys the Class 20, although I expect he'd prefer a steam loco. Or more likely, a wander down tot he quayside for something seaworthy.


BR60103 said...

The Queen and the Duke are currently enjoying a camping coach at Exeter St. Dayle's station on my layout.

A bunch of self-impotrant toffs are standing around, social distancing, at St Mary Ax.

Simon Hargraves said...

Given the number of photos that have emerged showing the Duke looking very happy on the footplates of various locomotives (and a report that he once drove Warship Class "Magpie" from Marylebone to Windsor), I'm sure he wouldn't have turned down an invitation on to the footplate of the 20...