Tuesday, January 01, 2013

7 Up!

7The trouble with looking back over a years blogging is that I realise how long some of my projects have been running.

Just re-reading January's efforts, I see that the 3mm scale Class 25 is now 12 months old. How can that be? I've just put the box away while I work on Clayhanger Lane too.

Anyway, we traditionally begin the New Year post with a few stats:

  • There have been 366 postings this year. Some have been longer than others but I've still managed my 1 a day, which makes me proud.
  • Visitor numbers continue to rise - 376 per day including 88 regulars, a figure slightly dented by the traditional Christmas/New Year lull when you are all away from work and don't need me for entertainment. Total as I write is 137,700 visitors for the year who looked at 235,400 pages. Not too shabby for a specialist blog.
  • Google Analytics has broken so I can't tell the most popular posts, although fixing indicators and headlights on the Peugeot 206 keep popping up in the daily stats on Statcounter.com. Ho Hum. Something else to repair...

According to last years post, I was anticipating finishing a couple of Garratt, well that didn't happen, maybe next year. A G2 and HO scale Dunalistair were also in the queue, the first progressed until I ran out of information and handed it back. The second was turning into a bit of a nightmare and I began to hate the model, so I paid the owner all the money he'd spent on it and flogged the thing on eBay to recover as much of this as possible. That's the trouble with making models for other people, when they go wrong, you are left picking up the pieces and paying out to escape.

On the boat front, the 1/20th Brede did see some action. Sadly, I found out that my basic hull work was rubbish and the boat headed for the bin. I'll be having another go at this as it's promised to a magazine.The Airfix Canberra was a lot more successful despite being a bit of a challenge due to the age of the kit. Finally, there was  rather good looking Pilot Boat on the water thanks to a nice kit.

That's the bad news, but there have bee some successes. Biggest of those has to be the publication of my Parker's Guide Bookazine. I'm still stupidly proud of this and lots of people have told me how much they have enjoyed it. If that was you, thank you. If you haven't got a copy yet, it's still available from the publishers.

Next up, I must mention taking over the editorial reins at MREmag.com It's been an interesting ride over there but we seem to have got the hang of it now!

01 DieselModelling wise, well, I completed an 01 Diesel and Southern P Class, both of which I'm really pleased with. They were "me" projects in that neither was built with a magazine article in mind, although at least one will probably end up in print in some way. Looking back at the posts, I'm fired up to do another so watch this space.

Finally, there has been an awful lot of book reviewing too. I've been sent a few to cover on the blog (note to publishers, I'm happy to do this and can sometimes arrange extra expose too, just get in touch) and also picked the odd one up myself which I wave electronically under everyone's nose.

Anyway, I suppose I should make a few predictions. This year I will build an O gauge layout. Clayhanger Yard appeared in Hornby Magazine last month and will continue to do so until it's finished. As I write, track is being laid and the first show it's booked into is three weeks away at Leamington. With a bit of luck, this will finally push me to get the Garratts built to run on it 'cos that's what a 7 foot long shunting plank really needs.

Talking of Garratt, I have a K's kit in the cupboard and also a Hattons RTR model on order. Will I ditch the kit? Nope. I've order a rotating bunker version and will make the kit up as the better looking (to my eyes) standard bunker.

The Manx test track still awaits. So far all it has proved is that the chassis under the existing wagons are rubbish. I'll need to do something about this and when I do (note, I don't say "if"), then you'll know about it.

So, there is a lot of model-making to do. Plenty of kits in the stash and lots more calling to me from every trade stand at every show. Hopefully, this time next year, there will be a post labeled 8 with another review of the previous 12 months. In the meantime, Happy New Year everyone. May your modelling board be productive and never empty.

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James Finister said...

Thanks for your inspiring articles over the last year. I'm amazed you can keep it up on a daily basis but it keeps me amused in the brief moments before I open up my work in-box. Along with Albion Yard it comes as a handy reminder that jobs can be broken up into simple daily tasks - he says whilst guiltily stealing a glance at the the very bare baseboard next to his desk.