Thursday, August 01, 2013

Alan Gibson Photos: North British Coal Wagon


When you are interested in railway wagons, live in a time when we aren't over-supplied with RTR models and aren't scared of having a go, you will probably end up scratchbuilding some rolling stock.

This North British Jubilee type open coal wagon still isn't available in 4mm scale as far as I know (Parkside produce a kit in O gauge), so this model is probably unique. Built from Plasticard with Jackson wheels and, I suspect, cast axleboxes and buffers. As with yesterdays Persil wagon, this one has a hand-painted livery.


Christopher said...

Phil, thanks for putting up photos of Alan's superb model-making (in colour). I am guessing that this wagon might date from the mid-1970s? I clearly remember at least one of Alan's articles in the old Constructor, titled something like A Brush for the Aultibrig and Mingulay Railway, so it obviously made an impression on me. I was pleased to be introduced to Alan at the DOGA stand at Warley NEC exhibition in the late 1990s, and I am carefully maturing a couple of Alan's kits for rainy days!

Stuart Firth said...

Love these photo's, as I have never seen his work in colour before. His series on photographing models was excellent.
By the way Christopher, the kit man is a different Alan Gibson.

Christopher said...

Hi Stuart, yes, I realised that my final sentence might have read as though as though I had confused Alan with Alan Gibson (Workshop)... I really do have two Alan Gibson Alan Gibson (Workshop) kits -- purchased when Phil was disposing of Alan's modelling things through the Leamington Club.