Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mystery lights

Mystery Lights

Eddy Webb, a member of our model boat club, passed away recently. A very sad loss and proof that the good die young.

The boat modelling part of his estate was brought down to the club rooms for the members to dispose of. Among the pile, I picked up some Plastrict off-cuts for a few quid that I'm sure will come in handy one day.

Among these though, was this mystery. Three grain of wheat bulbs carefully fitted into some trunking and wired together. I have no idea what it's intended for but a lot of effort went into making it. A mystery. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I've never done any marine modelling - but I can't help wondering if these lights might be some sort of marker lights - navigation lights - something like that.

Certainly, aircraft are required to be fitted with something along these lines - I'd be surprised if there weren't a similar requirement for ships.

sam said...

looks like the sort of mast you'd find on a tug boat, with a vertical row of lights which is common on such vessels

Unknown said...

they look epic i think they are rail road crossing lights