Saturday, August 10, 2013

I love my country - but which one?

Dear BBC
I had the good fortune last Saturday to see the first episode of your new quiz show, "I love My Country". As a die-in-the-wool, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, John Bull waistcoat wearing British Subject, I have been looking forward to this programme for many weeks. Any quiz where at least one answer will be "Her Majesty the Queen" sounds like my cup of Tetley tea.
Within minutes though, my joy turned to abject horror.
What do I see running back and forth behind the delightful Gabrielle Logan - A GERMAN train!
Do you not realise how offensive it is for those of us with a full collection of Prince George newspaper souvenir issues that you can't be bothered to look at the scenery on screen? That locomotive is a Krauss prototype. Krauss - sounds a bit like Kraut doesn't it. Are you getting the message? Good heavens, even the manufacturer of the model is part of the same empire we stood against in two world wars.
You can be sure that MY television will not be tuned in to this channel again to witness this travesty.
Major Hufton-Bufton (Rtd)
Dear Major Hufton-Bufton
We don't care. Quite frankly all steam engines look the same to us and in truth we think that anyone who can tell the difference is a weirdo who can just pay the TV licence and shut his face.


sam said...

I see your point and it always annoys me as well when a program looks good and then fails on the little details.
Being anoracky now a classic example is the film cockleshell heroes set in world war 2 where a train is pulled by a locomotive in British railways colours, these things shouldn't annoy me as much as they do :D

Cameron said...

You obviously haven't seen the second of the two Sherlock Holmes films where a lot of it was filmed at Didcot, so instead of European trains in the background there was the polished brass dome of a GWR Hall!!

Richard Slipper said...

Hm not sure GW Halls had polished domes, safety valve bonnets perhaps. (I'll got and look for my dark green anorak) ;-)

James Finister said...

"and further more may I point out it is a German model? What would be wrong with the BBC supporting a truly British company like Roundhouse?"

Phil Parker said...

Yes, it's not like obtaining a suitable train is hard. There are a few companies out there who could help. I suppose an LGB set was easy and if you don't care, will do the job.

Anonymous said...

Im surprised that with just over a year to go to the Scottish referendum that the BBC would be so pro-unionist....