Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chinese pots

Chinese Pots

Here's a handy tool - plastic pots for keeping glue fresh. They are purchased from our local Chinese take-away and each arrives with a delicious portion of Sweet and Sour chicken. The pots themselves are stocked with tangy sauce that has to be disposed of before we can put glue in them.

As far as the pots go, they are fabulous. In a drop text from a worktop, not a drop of sauce was spilled from a pot with a correctly clipped on lid. For model-makers, PVA glue is as fresh and usable after 6 weeks as it was when poured in.

Very handy. I bet if I took my empties to a show I could get the money I spent on food back...


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Mark said...

Chinese takeaways are a wonderful source of storage boxes. I use the rectangular ones that come with egg fried rice in for storing wagons; each box holds three or four wagons wrapped in a single tissue.

I bet those round ones would be good for storing scenery materials as well (I'm thinking the clump foliage type stuff).

Ubique Matt said...

Like Mark said, I use the square ones for storing figures using thin strips of bubblewrap to protect them. You can easily store two mounted knights in a box.