Monday, August 26, 2013

Filter change

FiltersIt's time to change the filter on my spray booth. A fiver at Squires stand last week saw me the owner of a new one and I wondered how long it had been since mine was blue.

Comparing the two - I obviously need to change it more often!

On the plus side, you can see the booth is doing the job, there's a lot of paint on there. If anyone can think of a way to scrape it off and return it to liquid form, I bet Humbrol would be interested.

Anyway, it looks horrid, I'm going to change the filter more often and definitely carry on wearing the spray mask!

As an aside, doesn't anyone know how to tell when a filter should be changed? The manufacturers offer little advice as obviously peoples usage rates vary a lot.

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James Finister said...

Looks like it could be re-used for some kind of ground cover