Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brass Mudguards

Brass mudguards

Back on the Thornycroft lorry, I have been looking at prototype pictures.

They tell me two things - the first is that this is probably too old-fashioned for the era I'm using it in. Tough. Old vehicles hung around in pre-MOT days and anyway, modifying the cab to modernise it is more work than I wish to do.

The second is that the back wheels should have mudguards.

Looking around through my stash of metal bits I found a length of scrap etched brass that appeared to be just the right width. Bending lengths around a pen barrel that is slightly smaller than the wheel and then un-bending the part a little did the job. A slight flare at the back was in order according to the pictures.

Fixing in place is with a blob of solder at the front, a blob of solder with some brass angle in it at the back. Low-melt solder is good stuff for this, it cools slowly so with a bit of practise you can tease it to cross gaps to do this sort of bodge.

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James Finister said...

There are, or were, quite a few heavy vehicles exempt from testing but I suspect the best scenario for one of this vintage surviving for any length of time would be its use as an internal works vehicle of some sort