Monday, August 19, 2013

Thornycroft Lorry

Thornycroft Lorry

The Thornycroft lorry is now finished and ready for the layout. Considering the fun I had with the kit, the model isn't bad looking at all.

OK, maybe it's not mega-detailed, but as a layout filler it will do very nicely. It's certainly different, which in my head means better, than all those diecast models that haven't even been weathered. A coat of reddish-brown Revell enamel and some weathering powder gives me something that is working but not in the first flush of youth .

On the back are more of the excellent Skytrex sacks. I'm trying to suggest that loading is taking place, hence they are dotted around. There driver is also the labourer and he's chucked sacks on from the goods shed. In a minute he'll finish his fag and tidy up the load.

Thornycroft Lorry back view

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Iain Robinson said...

Looking at your excellent model makes me realise how basic trucks were compared to today. The only thing that hasn't changed is the "driver as labourer" bit in most cases!