Sunday, August 18, 2013

Unexpected wagon underframe detail

Hornby Chassis

Messing around with a Hornby 4-wheel wagon the other day, I got a bit of a surprise. Looking at the bottom of the model, there is a terrific amount of detail in the underframe.

The work is amazing. Look at the coupling mechanism that joines the hooks at each end of the wagon  - it's all there!

I only know how this stuff works because of a recent issue of Model Railway Journal where someone built an O gauge wagon and went the whole hog complete with working leaf springs. I've never thought to add this sort of detail myself and if I ever do, it will be fun and my own satisfaction rather than any practical reason.

All this begs the question, why did Hornby bother?

The detail is hidden away. You only see it if the model is upside down. Nothing moves and even if it did, coupling is with tension-locks rather than chains. Making the mould must have taken time and therefore, money. It's a mystery.

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