Monday, April 19, 2021

Wanted: BR Lampshade


In my cupboard of projects, I have the wall mounting unit for a BR Mk1 coach lamp. I've always fancied rigging it up with a battery as a reading light - but the glass shade is missing. No surprise there, the things must have broken regularly.

Original shades are rare - or at least I've looked in the wrong places. There might be a modern replacement that fits I'm unaware of too. 

So, as you lot constantly surprise me - can anyone suggest a source for something suitable? I'm not going to fret about perfection, a shade that looks about right will do the job.


James Finister said...

Phil, see

Woz said...

G'day Phil,

You wrote " So, as you lot constantly surprise me ".

Maybe your MOJO inspiration is right in front of you, it seems you have some of it back.
Sometimes you gotta ask the right question.

After 14 months I attended Diamond Creek Model Railway Exhibition, Victoria, Australia.
I have been attending these for 50yrs, mostly NSW until the last decade, well it just didn't feel the same as before.
It wasn't the Exhibition as the regular & new model railways were of high standard along with an extra large Lego model railway.

I'm saying my MOJO wasn't boosted by the usual attending of an Exhibition, I hope yours does when the chance arrives.

Cheers Woz

Phil Parker said...

Well, I did burn my finger soldering a ME project the other day...