Thursday, September 22, 2011

Building detailing

Building in the raw

Sticking with card for the time being, the building detail was built up from off-cuts of a sheet intended for use in a domestic printer. It's cheap, reasonable quality and I've got several packs of it.

Cutting strips and sticking them in place with Rocket card glue, the detail appeared quite quickly. As a guide, I built the entire model from start to finish while watching "The Davinci" code film. Scratchbuilding doesn't have to take ages once you get your hand in as long as you don't want to build to Pendon standards.

Most of the job involves cutting strips of various widths and occasionally, such as for the barge boards, building them up in layers. Some needed to be scored with the back of a knife, like the doors. The only plastic is the brickwork and tiny bits for the hinge pins.

You'll also spot that the platform has been built up to two layers of Daler board. I'm glad narrow gauge platforms are usually ground level as it saved me loads of work. Is this why people like it ?

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