Sunday, September 25, 2011

Phil's Model Railway Fillets

Promted by my work on the novel, I decided to dip my toe into self-publishing with a collection of old articles that have appeared in various society magazines over the years. None of my mainstream mag stuff, just the fun bits I wrote for newsletters and the like.

The result is "Phil's Model Railway Fillets". 59 pages of paperback book which I hope will entertain and possibly even inform the reader.

My modelling bench 
My first scratchbuilt wagon 
Scratchbuilding a simple wagon 
Building a Palbrick 
Modelling in the public eye 
Perfecting Percy 
A scratchbuilt Z5 
Souvenir locos 
Modern(ish) Music to Accompany the Manufacture of Miniature Railway Models. 
Road vehicles 
What's under the sink ? 
Melbridge Town - A cautionary tale. 
GWR 1361 Class
or putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. 
Eating custard doughnuts in the gallery 
10 Handy Hints 

The book can be purchased now:

£4.75 (plus postage) for the print version
£2.50 for the downloaded version

The book is printed on demand by so take a few days to arrive. The buiying process is a bit fiddlier than I'd like too but not too difficult. I'm trying to get it listed on Amazon but this seems to take a long time so I'll post here if and when it happens.

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