Monday, September 19, 2011

Mud, glorious mud

Muddy Path

With my model, model boaters tramping to and fro to the steps down to the lake, the path they wear is going to get a bit muddy. I suppose they could have laid some slabs to keep their shoes clean but you know how it is, playing boats is more fun than DIY.

Starting with my grassy bank I decided to try out some Greenscene Textured paint - after all the stuff about non-modelling materials last week you're probably surprised by this. On the other hand, lots of people make the stuff and this is a proper British product (waves Union flag) so by buying some we are supporting the economy and lifting the country out of depression etc. etc.

After giving the bottle a shake I opened the top to find it a bit like the Crown stuff I used last week except three times as thick and a much darker mud colour. Splodging it around (you don't really paint it) the fibre grass sticks down well. Leaving it to dry gives a brown mess, just like a real muddy track.

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