Sunday, September 18, 2011

VeeDub trams

VWT5 trams

I'm a bit short of time today so just a quick post - how about these VW Type 5 vans running on Amsterdam tram tracks ?

The photo turned up as I was digging through some old pictures for a project I'm working on (watch this space kids). All I remember is that around 10 years ago I was dispatched to an obscure bit of the Netherlands for work. Since I'd blagged a train ticket, I reasoned I might a well take a couple of days holiday while I was over there. What a surprise to be greeted by this sight as I exited the railway station.

From memory, you couldn't ride the buses, they were just an advertising thing - but what an advert.

Now if only I knew anyone interested in model railways and VeeDubs, we could have the makings of an interesting project...

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