Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Failed experiments in pagoda painting

Camo pagodaNot everything I try works, but since you lot seem to like to read about failed experiments, here goes.

The plan:
Paint the pagoda in rusty colours.
Slop a bit of wet salt on the surface.
Spray with a creamy colour - just a thin coat.
Remove salt.
Look at wonderful building with rusty base and patched breaking through.

The problems:
The salt wouldn't come off properly and stuck in lumps
The rusty colours didn't show through as I hoped
It looked rubbish.

Result - respray the model properly and attack with weathering powders.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained eh ?


Jonas_415 said...

Phil, you could always use cheap hairspray instead of salt, then scrub with warm water and a toothbrush?

Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

From 3 feet away, mist over a little Halfords matt black, red and grey primers. The distance means that the paint will have almost dried when it hits the surface which will give a nice texture and a darkish rusty colour rather than orange like 'rust colour' paints

Next, just dry brush your railway colours on top, leaving the rust shades in the grooves.

But hey, you know what you're doing!