Thursday, September 15, 2011

Noch Grass

Noch Grass

All that brown paint needs to be covered in something and the fastest and most realistic option is static grass.

Now the fashionable way to do this is with a Grass Master static flocking device.It's good but I'm too stingy to buy one. Anyway, if I did I'd go for the Greenscene version which is cheaper and just as good. However there is an even better priced version - the original Noch puffer bottle. (Yes I know you can make your own, I did but simply prefer this method and it's my blog)

Back in the early days of static grass, this is how we did it. Paint PVA on the area to be grassed. Let it dry a little then puff the nylon fibres out of the bottle on to the surface. Because the bottle is made of polythene a charge is applied to the nylon and it sticks up like, well grass really. When the technique was first described in the august Model Railway Journal, this was how it was done and the results were good. And they still are even though a new toy is on the market.

Cost of the bottle, under a fiver. The fibres are the same as you'd use with other methods so if you find yourself wanting electrical stimulation for your blades, you haven't wasted much money.

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Michael Campbell said...

Good, I bought a Nock bottle a little while back and I'm about to try it out!