Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crown Textured Emulsion

Textured paintAnother non-trip to the model shop. It seems that after yesterday being spent wondering who wants mud coloured walls, I now have to consider that there are even people who want rough, mud coloured walls. How else do you explain textured emulsion ?

The paint seems to be perfectly normal emulsion that someone has thrown sand into. Someone can pick me up on the precise manufacturing details of how the silica is held in a delicate suspension within the pigment base but let's be honest that's what it is.

Never mind, two and half quid buys a decent sized pot and a quick coat on the untreated plywood of the station area shows it works well. You can see the wood grain has almost gone and we have texture. Exactly as it says on the tin.

Until I put a new label on the tin saying it is "Fine scale non-metaled road surface suitable for P4 layouts" and charge a tenner for it that is.

Textured paint results

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Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

Useful stuff! I've used Sandtex for whitewashed pebble dash. This looks the biz for groundwork!