Thursday, July 19, 2012

An unexpected appearance in Wikipedia for the Y6

If you keep loading photos onto the Interweb, it seems that people do stuff with them. Thus, I was very surprised to see on Nigel sending this message via the 3mm Society mailing list:

I see a pic of Phil Parker's Y6 is on Wikipedia, including a mention of 3mm. Well done, Phil.

What ?!

So, I nip over to the famous on-line encyclopedia and find the page looks like the photo above. You can see the real thing here.

The model is my attempt at an LNER Y6 painted in BR colours. Based on a Finney & Smith kit and powered by a BullAnt bogie, it was one of the fasted loco builds I've ever carried out. Looks nice too although I'd love to do an interior for it but the mechanical bits get in the way. Maybe when I unearth the 4mm version I have tucked away...

Anyway, you can read all about the build here.

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