Saturday, July 07, 2012

Dolls Domain, Leamington

Dolls Domain

Why are you showing us a shop full of jigsaws and dolls stuff ?" I hear you cry.

Simple, it's one of my local model shops, and it's recently moved so I though a quick mention would be in order.

Dolls Domain are mainly interested in supplying the surprisinly large dolls house market. if 12th scale bits and peices are your thing, and as someone who has built model boats in this scale they are for me, then you are in luck.

At the back of the shop there is a full Humbrol paints rack, loads of different modelling woods, glues, fillers and tools. They can supply anything from the Proxon range. There's a huge range of Airfix kits too.

All this from a premis in the local shopping centre, The Royal Priors. Thus, if you find yourself in Leamington on a shopping trip, the family can be abandoned in M&S and HMV while you go any buy a plastic aeroplane along with the paint and glue to assemble it. Should you be on holiday and devoid of modelling tools, they can sell you the lot for very sensible money along with a jigsaw to amuse the rest of the tribe while you are fitting the undercarriage.

Visit the Dolls Domain website

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