Friday, July 20, 2012

Unusual transfers

Or: Don't posh people play a lot of tennis ?

The Canberra transfer (decal for American readers) sheet is covered with tennis courts and other oddball symbols (quoits ?). I've put 13 of them on the decks of the ship which has really filled those huge brown areas.

I'm used to numbers and names to be applied to a model but this is a first for me.

The quality of the transfer sheet is excellent. Perhaps this is a little more film around the edge of the lines than I would like but apart from that I have no complaints. The transfers were strong enough to be dragged around and released very quickly and easily from the sheets when soaked in cold water.

Lining things up against the raised plank edges isn't as easy as you might hope - the lines are feint and vanish under the film, but only a little prodding was required to line everything up.

Once blotted with a very soft tissue napkin that I can't remember the origin of but would like some more, Micro-Sol was sloshed everywhere to stick the things firmly in place.

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