Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gronk bits I like

For a future project, a couple of Hornby 08s have been sitting on my workbench. I know this RTR model train has been out for ages and I'm really late catching up, but I thought I'd mention a few bits I like anyway.

The chassis is lovely. Look at that the massive flywheel on it. Good chunky motor too. Back in the old days we'd have needed to perform some serious engineering to produce something like this or perhaps even consider a Dyna-Drive setup. This sort of mechanism was only to be found in one of our colonial cousins dirty diesels. We British modellers would moan that our 08's pancake drives weren't really suited to shunting speeds and that they really would pay more for decent motors and gears. This was before the Interweb of course, when modellers decided that moaning about the prices of RTR was more fun than buying it.

The sliding vent on the top really slides. Or comes out if you aren't careful. Now you can tell people how warm it is on your model from the position of the hatch.

The cab doors open. Why then are they fitted with a spring to close them again ? You can't run the loco with the doors open, even though I'm sure some did on a warm day. This seems like an interesting idea but I don't see the point if they can't be fixed in position.

Finally, someone has been a very smart here. Since the modern modeller takes the body on and off his or her locomotives constantly so they can tend to the evil DCC chip inside, the screw fixings are fitted with brass bushes. Not that clever you might think, but how often have you found the manufacturer relying on self-tapping screws and plastic for this sort of job ? Somewhere, there is an engineer working in the design office and he's threatened the accountant to let him do this.

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