Thursday, July 12, 2012

H Class conversion in Hornby Magazine

People are always moaning that you can't buy an industrial steam locomotive in OO gauge, so this month I've done my bit to fill the gap.

While not a ready to run engine, inspired by Colin Snowdon of the Double O Gauge Association, I've turned the classic L&Y Pug originally produced by Dapol and now marketed by Hornby, into a representation of a Manning Wardle H Class.

I can't claim that the result is a perfect model, but it looks pretty close and more importantly, is achievable by many modellers. You make use of the pretty good chassis and replace the body with a scratchbuilt version constructed in plastic sheet. A few castings from RT Models and a few bits from Eileens Emporium and you are there. If you have a Pug to hand it's not even a particularly expensive project.

Unpainted H

Elsewhere, I show you how I produced the retaining wall for the Hornby Mag N Gauge layout using simple resin casting techniques.

There are also a few reviews including 3 books, a pair of fork lift trucks and yet another industrial locomotive.

Hornby Magazine Website


Jeffrey Showell said...

I almost asked Sunday what it was you were painting on top of the cat food box--looks like this lovely little loco. Very nice.


Jim said...

And an article on Idle Way, a real stalwart of the local exhibition circuit that I always enjoy watching.