Monday, July 02, 2012

Little pink tractor

Pink Tractor

Digging through some old photos, I found this little beauty. I can't work out where it was taken, or when, although the back of the print mentions Kodak being a sponsor of the Olympics at the time.

I suspect that this tractor is an airport vehicle used for hauling around baggage carts and other trolleys. It's possibly even an aircraft mover although not for jumbo jets. The mudguards certainly didn't originate from a farm and it's a bit of a low-rider for furrowed fields.

Vehicles simialr to this appeared as railway shunters and wouldn't be too difficult to convert from a model tractor. Check out this one from Paul Bartletts photo site. The faded paintwork would be much more of a challenge. I suspect a nice dusty red base coat followed by some heavy dry-brush work with the white paint would be a good start. Other suggestions are very welcome though.

Update: Now identified as an old David Brown, airfield "Tug". That's David Brown the tractor maker not top DJ.


Jim said...

Looks a bit like the one that used to come with the Airfix Stirling kit - think Michael Andress converted one to a shunting tractor years ago

Phil Parker said...

Well remembered. Now you mention it, I think I might have that article somewhere.