Friday, July 13, 2012

Resin bits for sale

Resin bits

I mentioned yesterday that I had cast a load of retaining wall sections for the new Hornby Magazine N gauge MPD layout.

The moulds for these things are good for 25 castings and since we made a couple and the mag didn't need all we produced, there are some spares left. I don't want them as I have no N gauge projects in my future as far as I know.

So, they are up for grabs. Each casting measures 76mm wide by 54mm tall and is yours for the princely sum of £1 plus postage.

As an added bonus, we chucked leftover resin from each mix into moulds for 3mm scale beach huts as seen on Flockburgh and you can have these for the same price. Please note that these require the addition of a door and roof - that's how I made each one different. A few minutes work with some plasticard is all that is required to make your hut your very own special model. It's fun to do even if you don't want to go 3mil !


Unknown said...

Are you still using Tiranti products for casting? If so which ones are you using? Many thanks,

Phil Parker said...

Yes I am, exactly the same ones as in my earlier posts.

Or you could nip down to the newsagents and pick up the latest Hornby Magazine where all is revealed in glorious technicolour in a step by step manner.