Saturday, July 21, 2012

Missing "British"

I'm probably the last person to notice this, but has anyone looked at the "Cottages4You" TV advert and noticed that under the Haworth picture, the two model locomtives have been defaced ?

Each has had the word "British" from British Railways" removed.

Why ?

After all, if you want to remove the "branding", why not take it all off ? I'd have blanked the things entirely including the numbers. As it is, they just look odd.


Amy Adams said...

Chances are they didn't want to offend anyone, even though they are trying to recreate a scene which is typically British

Phil Parker said...

They are also advertising holidays in Britain. Anyway, the locos only appear on screen for a couple of seconds, only anoraks like me spot the problem !

My suspicion is they are worried about a trademark issue with a company that hasn't existed since the 1990's. Or that the director is an idiot.

Christian said...

I liked this advert until I spotted the very USA two tone whistle.

Zabdiel said...

Someone may still own the trademark even though the company no longer exists.

Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

Having worked in broadcast telly land for quarter of a century, sadly most of the time the people in charge of this sort of thing are simply ignorant baffoons.

Your comment about the producer/director being an idiot sums will be correct. These same people call a railway station a train station.