Monday, July 23, 2012

GP Polyester Resin

Casting around for something to fill the swimming pools on the Canberra, I thought I had a suitable clear cast resin - Tiranti's "GP" Polyester Resin.

I thought I'd better experiment a little before working on the ship and I'm glad I did.

Once the correct catalyst had been found, I mixed up enough to fill a bottle cap. This was carried out in the garage because the stuff stinks. A lack of planning meant I didn't have anything to set in the resin but felt encasing something would be more interesting than just pouring it.

The only thing to hand was a dirty cotton bud from the spray booth. Needs must so I loped the end off and dropped it into the resin. Think bug encased in amber a la Jurassic Park.

Once set, I peeled the cap apart and you can see the result. It's clear-ish. Certainly no use for high class swimming pools. Maybe if it were a municipal baths full of mucky school kids...


Paul Barrett said...

Could the discolouration be due to the dirty cotton bud contaminating the resin?

Phil Parker said...

I don't think so. The bud was very dry and only dropped in at the last minute so I'd expect the discolouration to be localised if this were the case. I think I just have the wrong resin for this particular job.