Saturday, July 28, 2012


I've been building a lot of kits recently and this has left me with the dilemma.

What to do with the leftovers ?

Schoolboy Phil used to be delighted when an Airfix kit had optional items. As well as finishing my aeroplane, I'd have some special bits to keep as well - a bonus !

Which is why I have boxes and drawers full of nicely moulded bits of plastic just waiting for a purpose. A purpose that will never arrive because I've forgotten that I own the things. Now the problem is getting worse as some of the bits leftover genuinely will be useful - I just need a filing system that lets me keep track of them.

Or I need to throw stuff away and forget it. Then I won't have a "Oh, I could have done with one of those moments" in a few weeks time.

Before I start filling the bin, does anyone have any sensible suggestions ?

Note: These are just the plastic bits. There are also some etched brass and whitemetal "goodies". And yes I know some of the stuff you see in the picture is useful and I will be filing the bigger sprues. And no, I will not post any bits out to you.


Unknown said...

I share the same dilemma Phil. What I just did so far is go over the left over kit pieces per box and cut out possibles pieces I can still use for scratch building. I just throw away the non usable parts and place in smaller plastic bags the remaining parts sorted and labelled per kit name. With this, I managed to store these parts in one box. By the way, I cut out the kit box art covers of my finished kits and placed them in a large clear album. Hope this helps....Thanks.

Jeffrey Showell said...

Take them to your next exhibition and give them away.

Phil Parker said...

You know, that's not a bad idea. Phi's Dustbin - help yourself.