Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Korean Turtle Ship in Model Boats

August's Model Boats magazine has a page on a Korean Battleship kit I built some time ago. The Turtle boat was one of the first ironclads and in model form, makes a fascinating subject.

The Academy kit is interesting in it's own right. Powered by a solar cell, drive is by oars using a very ingenious mechanism that's probably worth the price of the kit on it's own.

The moulding quality is very high and as a basis for a scale model, it's an excellent starting point. The hardest modification would be filling in the solar cell hole in the top with matching armoured plates. Possibly casting some replicas from the rest of the shell would be the easiest solution.

Anyway, much as I loved the model, regular readers will know I don't have it in my fleet any more. Read the reason why here.

Model Boats Magazine website

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