Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deluxe Materials Solid Water

If you want to do a job properly, you have to collect the right tools. Deluxe Materials have a reputation for producing quality product and so I wasn't too unhappy at stumping up over a tenner for two small pots of resin that would produce, apparently, clear fake water.

In use, equal amounts of the two chemicals are mixed and the result poured into the place you want flooded.

As a test I decided to preserve my penultimate pot of genuine Humbrol Track colour paint. As you can see, the results are very effective with any air bubbles quickly leaving the "water" which is indeed, very clear.

The only problem is that after two days it hasn't set properly ! I assume I simply haven't measured and mixed properly. I did this by eye but next time will use the proper syringes. There should be plenty for the Canberra swimming pools and hopefully for some toy train projects I have ideas for.

Update: I've mixed and poured a second batch which has set perfectly overnight.

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