Thursday, July 05, 2012

Canberra Funnels

FunnelsAnother "Did anyone from Airfix look at this ship before making a kit" moment arrives with the funnels. I thought I just had to stick them together, whack on the gloss buff paint and fit to the model with the little joining piece.

Then I look at my photos and spot that there is something sticking out of the top, above the swoopy tan bits.

Something black, and as far as I can tell, tubular. The pictures aren't clear thanks to the smoke coming out of the top but I think we just have a pair of round tubes. A matter of a few minutes to make with some plastic tube but still anoying.

Mind you, every time I find a picture of this boat, I spot something else wrong. The decks seemed to change colour every time it left port. Grrrrr.


neil whitehead said...

You're just a perfectionist, Phil.

David Todd said...

The extensions to the funnel up takes,
were fitted, after her troubled 4th long voyage to
Retuned to Southampton in June 1962.
She spent 29 days in dry dock, when they were fitted.