Sunday, July 08, 2012

Weathering tools: The cat food box

Weathering boxWeathering a model locomotive requires the airbrush to get in under the footplate. There are many ingenious clamping devices to facilitate this but I have a simple solution - the cat food box.

My spraying is carried out in the garage next to a shelf full of pussy grub purchased in quantity when the local store is doing an offer. The boxes are strong, good enough to be used for posting things, and small enough to fit in the booth.

The extra height offered makes a difference to attacking the model. By perching it on the edge, I can get at the waggly bits easily. With the boxes being made of shiny card, the model slides around easily with a slight shove to the buffers but doesn't skid when blown by the airbrush.

Of course the paint can't get at the precious food so I don't find myself on the end of a prodding by starving puss-cats. Or at least if it does, it doesn't seem to affect their appetite !

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