Monday, October 22, 2018

Wiring a battery electric loco

Plan A for the Hunslet involved fitting a cheapo infra-red control system that I picked up at a show. That didn't work, so I've decided to wire it up with a switch for the moment. The bits are in the box with the rest of the kit anyway, so I might as well use them.

Wiring this stuff isn't rocket science. Essentially the batteries are wired to the motor and these make it go.

For stop and reverse, add a double-pole-double-throw switch. Batteries to the middle terminals. Motor attached to the end pair. Then the top left terminal is wired to the bottom right and bottom left to top right. The wires should cross on the middle (make them a bit longer to loop out of the way of the connections to the middle pair.

Hopefully, my crude diagram will help. If not, ignore it.

One fault with the set-up is that the switch provided doesn't have a centre off. Had I spotted this before wiring, I'd have replaced it with one that does. As it is, the slider needs to be carefully positioned in the middle to switch the motor off.

Long term, I want a cheap remote controller - suggestions in the comments please - I am NOT spending Deltang money on this model! As the body is not fixed down, retro fitting shouldn't be a problem.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Yorkshire Garden Rail 2018

Blue Hunslet

To Bradford!

The show that used to be Elsecar has moved north to a new venue. From a heritage centre full of character to a 1970s concrete leisure centre that has a certain amount of different character if you like brutalist buildings. The move was forced on the organisers and they made the best of it. Next year, the venue will change a little again, as the old centre is being replaced with a brand new one.

Inside, the hall was a bit dark, my DSLR couldn't cope, but my new 'phone managed well so we have photos.


The show itself was good. Plenty of layouts and lots of movement. Lots of trade too with plenty to tempt the pocket and empty the wallet. Best of all, the ladies running the cafe were as chirpy as you could hope for. It will be a shame if they don't transfer to the new venue.I'm planning to go along to find out!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday Film Club: Triang Battlespace mega layout

As mentioned yesterday, I love a bit of Triang. Top of the pops has to be the Battle Space range of operating accessories and I've never seen a better display than this seen at a show in Perth. 

You can keep all your finescale rubbish - give me a couple of Turbo cars circulating on high level tracks!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Get your voting fingers ready!


It's voting time for a couple of important contests. 

The BRM Cakebox Challenge
49 entrants can be seen here. Please take a look at each one, pick three and jot down their numbers. Then head over to the voting page to make your choices.

All the entries are impressive and inspirational with really clever ideas that we can all take back to our own modelling efforts. I'm pleased that the competition has turned several lapsed modellers into active modellers again.

The Wishlist Poll

The Poll Team put a terrific amount of work in each year to create a poll of prototypes that modellers would like to see appear as RTR products. While no manufacturer will use this as their only guide when planning ranges for the future, it certainly plays a part and it's interesting to see how many new models appear that have been placed high on this list.

Vote in The Wishlist Poll

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Garden Rail November

Present me with some Isle of Man Railways for a Garden Rail article and you can be sure I'll bite. Our main feature this month is a beautiful selection of IOM models on their owners layout.

Carrying on the theme, I've finally turned my sketch notes for the Manx station huts into something approaching a drawing. As a potential model, they have loads of applications for anyone not looking for a grand station. Very scratchbuildable too.

I'm also pleased to be able to publish an article on building the Garden Railway Specialists Garratt kit. Sadly, it's not me who built it, but maybe I'll get to do it one day...

All this and much more in Garden Rail November 2018.