Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Miniature Warehouse Wednesday: Scamell Trailer

From Nigel Hill: 

Attached are a pair of snaps of my recently completed blog post inspired Scammell trailer

It was quite fun to do and was built from stuff that most people would throw away. I should have tried to get Chris to paint it, but as it is only going into my orphanage for waif and stray models it will not offended innocent members of the public. 

Thanks Nigel. It's really nice to know people are inspired by stuff they read on here, and well done for beating me to building a model. The flat rear tyres are an especially nice touch, and appropriate for the prototype!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Fabulous FAB 1

Fab 1

OK, so as a first project of the year, FAB 1 wasn't too challenging. Basically, it's a painting job. Toughest thing is not to rush the build - let the paint dry fully before slotting the bits together. 

The figures being on a black plastic sprue made life a little more interesting, but priming it first allowed me to see the detail, and saved having to build up half and inch of skin colour to cover the black. After that, it was small brush time and off we go. Keen train nerds will note that Lady Penelope wears a coat of ancient (but still usable) Humbrol Deltic blue. 

Fab 1 

The finished model is really cute. 95mm long and 42mm wide means it doesn't need a big space of display cabinet. And the wheels go round, so it can be broomed along the floor. 

All this for less than a fiver. I notice the range includes the other Thunderbird craft and even The Mole...

Monday, January 24, 2022

FAB 1 - Let's look in the box

Time to start work on the new, Japanese, kit stash. The good news is that I'm actually looking forward to having a go at these. Maybe a hint of modelling mojo returning? 

We'll start with FAB 1 - a caracture version of the famous Rolls-Royce from Thunderbirds. Obviously, I like it, because the driver is Parker, presumably a distant relative of mine. 

There's a lot of air in this box. OK, the instructions aren't in the photo, but as the pink body is only 85mm long, you can see that the parts will be rattling around a bit. 

Inside, there is the pink body, black parts including wheels, chassis and figures, some chromed pieces for front and back, a clear canopy and transfers. 

Some of the latter, are stripes to go on the canopy. A clever idea, but the match with the pink plastic isn't great. OK, I know this is a fun kit, you don't even need glue, but I think I can do better. 

The box said "mini" and I remembered that somewhere, there was a can of Tamiya spray paint just the right colour from when I built a diescast pink Mini for a friend. A quick squirt and the body looks fab!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

New Talk: An Evening With Phil Parker


Stop the press! Clear your Diaries! Stick the kettle on! 

We're pleased to announce the first of many Thursday Club Nights! And we're very privileged to have BRM Editor and Modelling Guru Phil Parker host our first event! 

Phil will host an Online Modelling Seminar about the Pros and Cons of building a Micro Layout, and why it might be the best option for loads of us Modellers who just haven't got the time, finance or space for a large layout. 

This event is Exclusive to First Class Club Members, so make sure you've signed up before Thursday to take part in this amazing event! 

We'll be aiming to host one of these Modelling Seminars every month with more great guest speakers planned! You can find the link to register for this event over in the First Class Lounge on the Railway Modellers Club! 😁 

You'll be able to submit questions, learn more about the man himself, and pick up some great nuggets of information from one of the best modellers around!

Look, I didn't write this stuff. Or maybe one of the best modellers around will also be joining us! I will be waffling about micro layouts though, and happily answering questions. It should be good fun.

Anyway, if you fancy seeing this, you need to be a First Class member of the SMS club - details here.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Saturday Film Club: Welsh narrow gauge in 1969

I'm not sure what I love about this film more - the old steam stuff (BR Blue Rheidol tanks!) or that it's been transfered from cine film, with all the titling and editing that I remember from my childhood. 

Whatever, it's an excellent record of the early days of preservation, all now very much history!