Thursday, May 23, 2024

Random photos from Crewe

I enjoyed a day out with a West Midlands Dayranger ticket on Monday. First proper stop (Change at Birmingham doesn't count) was Crewe. Here are a few random shots. 

Class 153 at Crewe

70 806 at Crewe

37 116 hauls 66 846 at Crewe

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

1/32nd Street Scene

Street scene

Not really a "Warehouse Wednesday", but a stunning street scene spotted at the G3 Society AGM last weekend. The model is actually 1/32nd (Gauge 1), but we won't hold that againast it. 

 I've uploaded these images full size, so you can click on them and see all the detail. It's well worth it!

Street scene

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Glazed greenhouse


Job done. The ScaleModelScenery greenhouse is built, and glazed, and very nice it looks too. 

Glazing made use of some old Wills kit packaging. Fiddly, the job took over an hour, but well worth it. 

All I need to do now it put some plants in there, on the staging, but for the moment, we'll assume it's shut down for the winter. 

This is a really nice kit, and I'm very pleased with the results now I've tweaked it a little with Slater's brickwork around the base. At some point I'll have to find a project to incorporate the model in to.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Stamford 2024

Cato Inferno

Regular readers will know of my enthusiasm for loco model railway shows. Get a good one, and the layouts on display will be punching well above the weight of the event, and so it proved at Stamford. 

I'd gone along to photograph Harbourne St Mary for a future issue of BRM. While there, the Market Deeping club, who run the show, had asked me and my boss to judge the best layout competition. 

Comparing one layout against another, when they are all so different is really difficult. We got the list down to six, and over tea, decided to award the prize to Daisy Lane, a 4mm scale MPD with some really nice detail in the buildings (no roofs, so you can see this) and a set of weathered stock. Part of my reasoning was that I've seen MPDs done so often with weathered buildings, and stock straight from the box, it's nice to see things done properly. It's also a modest size, the sort of layout people can realisticaly aspire to building. 

And yes, I have got a photo shoot booked in later this year. It definitely needs to be on the page. 

Essex Brick

So many other layouts stick in my mind though, such as the 3D printed Essex Brick. Not realistic, but with a real Steampunk vibe going on, and it all works automatically.

Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter achieves something that again, I've seen tried, but rarely as successfully - a monochrome layout. Sat in the hall, it really stands out with it's grey colouration. Sadly, the baseboard is so packed, it wouldn't work on the page, but if you get the chance to see it for realy, don't miss out. 

Trade was good, but not brisk thanks to a well-publicised stunning day outside. The sort of weather that makes most people head for a pub garden rather than an exhibition hall, even one with excellent cake. I felt for the show manager. As he said, you can't control the weather. 

Anyway, there are more photos on Flickr. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Llangollen 2024

Main hall

The weather was kind. Too kind for me to consider wearing the official Garden Rail tweed jacket to a garden railway show!

The venue was, as usual, nice and spacious, and light inside. Not problem with photography here. Which doesn't explain why I mainly took pictures of the less serious models of course, that's just the way my mind works. I blame buying a steam loco early on, it jumbles my brain. 

Anyway, what I did get the chance to do was chat to a lot of the trade, and some of the visitors. The general concensus was thet the NGRS show had been successful, with plenty of money spent. Happy trade means no problems rebooking them for next year, so a happy exhibition manager. 

The layouts were nice, and we had the chance to see some vintage models running, including a Sgt Murphy.

Sgt Murphy

It's interesting to see the rise in interest in these older models. I'll admit, they fascinate me, and I suspect there is a meths powered loco in my future...

Anyway, you can look at the full set of photos over on Flickr.