Monday, June 24, 2024

The antidote to modern RTR


We've been having a bit of a clear-out at work, and among the stuff that has come my way "to do something with one day" is this N gauge locomotive. 

What is it? Well, according to Gaugemaster, it's sort of based on the LNER ES-1. Except it's not. I suppose it has a pan, and sloping ends, but there the similarity ends. The real ES-1 is a bogie loco, so a lot longer, and pretty much unlike this model in every way. 

But I still like it. This harks back to the 1970s, when foreign models would be rebranded into a BR livery to gain UK sales. I'm sure I remember an 0-6-0 Class 17, and Playcraft and Lima were perfectly happy to do this. It's not something we've seen for many years, modellers having become more discriminating/picky over the years. Until this model from Kato. 

But, I feel this has a place in the market. For £42.50, we have a well made, and decorated little model. Plus points are that the pan is really delicate - and it runs sweet as a nut straight from the box. I mean really sweetly. Had young Phil been modelling in N, he'd have loved this. A new loco for the layout!

And I think there are plenty of people who will feel the same. They are the ones just getting on with building a train set, without worrying about modelling anything specific. A nice looking, superb running, locomotive for a very reasonable price, will do perfectly thank you. 

Obviously, this marks me out as a "non-serious modeller" to be shunned, but then part of the appeal of this is how much some sections of the hobby will hate it. I might brandish the model at shows like you would with a cross and vampires!

Now, I know some of you will be suggesting that the best think I could do with this model is rob it of its chassis for a 009 project, and if I were sensible, that's probably what I'd do. However, I like this so much, it's going in the cupboard as a collectable. I wonder if I can find one of those Class 17's now for a "Locomotives that don't look at all like the prototype" collection...

Sunday, June 23, 2024

A couple of lifeboats

Sorry, I'm a bit busy right now, so not much time for personal modelling, or blogging. Please enjoy a couple of photos from the recent KMBC open day of some visiting vessels. I like orange boats, wish I had to time to build more...

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Saturday Film Club: The Hollyhead breakwater railway

This is an odd little film, on an interesting subject. Ignore the robot voiceover, with its use of "zero" when "Oh" would be better, and enjoy a selection of still images, some of which were new to me. You'll also need to ignore the odd appearance of a Hornby 06, under what I think is a Lima container crane in the middle of the film. 

It's still well worth a watch though. Now, how about a model? I have a loco...

Friday, June 21, 2024

First time on the track


Now I have a carrying box, the Roundhouse loco is much easier to move around without risking damage, so it's off to the L&WMRS outdoor track for a proper run. 

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Loco box


Loco in box
My Dad's had a little production line running recently, turning out boxes for both boats and trains. Quite a lot of our garden railway stock now has a proper wooden home now, which will keep it clean in the garage, and make it easier to move. 

Of course, while he was at it, he made something for the Roundhouse loco. 

The boxes are pretty simple, aided by being able to buy the plywood ready-cut from the ever-excellent  Torry's Hardware. He simply takes a cutting list along, and the next day, picks up the peices. A little sanding and glue later, we have a box.

Sliding perspex fronts are an upgrade on the plywood ones we used to used. It's handy to be able to see what's inside, and the boxes now double as display cases, well, we're quite pleased with what's inside!