Sunday, July 24, 2016

Flash - saviour of the universe!

2 boats for £20? 

According to the label, they were returned models that had been checked and were OK. A nice couple of speedboats fitted with 2.4mhz radio so they could be sued alongside other models. 

"Can't go wrong", I thought, "I'll use the bits in one of the many vac-formed hulls I have in the store."

So I came away from an aircraft show with a pair of boats. Of course, I need to test them, so the battery is charged (only one between them. Boo) and off the water I go. 

Flash Speedboat

On the lake? Brilliant fun.

The top speed appears to be the 20kph promised, fast enough for me. Control is excellent and very responsive. Slowing for corners is perfectly possible, or at least it will be once I get the hang of the trigger/wheel transmitter.

I still think one of the boats (they both work and I will get a spare battery) will be donating its innards to another model but for the moment, the other will be doing speedy service on Thursday mornings as a change from pootling.

And the title of this post? From the theme tune to the Flash Gordon movie. And from the first line of the introduction in the instructions. Seriously. A tenner for a boat that can save the universe. Is there a better bargain anywhere? 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Large scale model aircraft - Cosford 2016

Man and machine

The weather was perfect - sunny with a little breeze. Perhaps a little less of the later would have been nice as it was at the 15mph limit that the 1/3rd scale WW1 planes can fly in, but otherwise ideal. Certainly warm enough to justify a couple of ice creams with "strawberry" on sauce on them. 

In the sky were the usual selection of amazing models. Keeping these going can be a challenge. The owner of the Vulcan put out a call for assistance in an "operation" at one point. This cured the engine problem enough to get it in the sky, but after a flame-out, he had to land the 20ft span model dead stick. A bit heart in mouth I suspect!

Anyway, I came back with lots of balsa and a couple of model boats. More on these tomorrow. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Bachmann Action Depot

Another operating accessory from the Bachmann back catalogue - this time a miniature forklift truck runs in and out of a "depot". 

As I say in the film, I wondered if the mechanism could be converted for a more scale layout. The answer is, probably not worth the effort, but it has given me some ideas in this direction.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

7mm halt, overhead wires and a Toad in BRM

There's more scenicing going on than normal from me in this month's BRM.

Tollhouse Halt

First up, we have a 7mm scale diorama based around one of the wooden railcar halts built on the Tetbury branch in a last ditch attempt to beat the competition from road traffic. As well as the halt, the scene also features a bus stop - waiting to steal the passenger traffic from the rails.

Some interesting scenic items from Polak have been used as well as a couple of Delux Materials products for the rather effective water draining from that culvert.

More product test, this time Dapol's catenery system.

APT under the wires

A "photo plank" fitted with overhead wires allowed me to get the measure of the product. It's also made use of some Hedgerow Scenics mat for fast grasslands. Neadless to say, my stock of locos that can make use of overhead wires is pretty much nill, especially if you don't count a broken HO scale French model. Not to worry, one of my Hornby APT-Ps can stand in.

A Wagon Kit in Every Scale reaches Gauge One this month.

Gauge One Wagon under construction

Finally, we are working in wood. This time it's a Tenmille kit for the classic GWR Toad. Obviously, on the page you see the finshed model, but I really rather like it in unpainted form. Am I the only one who finds models like this in their raw state appealing? 

On the DVD I'm showing off the finished retail park diorama and talking about the Faller Road system. It's considered by many to be a bit of a toy, but I think with some imagination and modelling effort, there is an awful lot more you can do with it.