Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Warehourse Wedneasday: Church repair, corrugated iron special!

Whitnash church under repair

Our local church is under repair, and it appears they have called in builders from 1954 - how else can you explain the corrugated iron hoardings? 

Building sites have to be well fenced off nowadays to stop da kidz hurting themselves and thieving adults helping themselves. This normally involved big bits of that large flake chipboard whose proper name escapes me at the moment. 

Not here. Proper wiggly tin for that retro building site look. Take away the health and safety notices and we could be 40+ years ago...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Brass rudder

If I'm going to mess with the speedboat, I might as well do it properly.

And since the feature I like least is the ugly rudder-support box hanging on the back, I'm going to cut it off and replace it with something nicer.

Nicer, in this case, means a brass rudder with curves based on a roll of insulation tape knocking around the workbench. Using this and a pen to mark the lines, a piece of brass was cut out with a piercing saw (6 blades broken) and then fitted with a tube up the back edge.

This was cut with the saw and two sections removed to be fitted to some square u-shaped channel. Dropping some wire down this turns the whole lot into a hinge.

Operation will be by the angle brass lever attached to the side. I've beefed up the join with some rod that fits through the blade, I don't fancy just relying on the solder.

A quick clean up and all looks OK. I fancy a coat of red paint for this but I'll need to apply that without gumming everything up. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Emergency superglue

Regular readers will know I'm a fan of Zap products. Their superglue is my favourite and I find the other adhesives pretty impressive too.

Sadly, I've not found them to be portable. At least when I have a bottle in the exhibition tool box, it usually goes off before I get much use out of it.

Which is why I was pleased to find these on the Nexus stand at the recent large scale aircraft show. 5 micro tubes of glue. Left sealed they should last for ages and despite being described as single use, I reckon they are single show tubes. Unless I've broken a lot, one should last a weekend.

I know people will say that you can buy glue from the pound shop for a lot less than 79p a tiny tube, but it never works as well as Zap for me and when I need emergency superglue, I want it to do the job perfectly. There's probably no time for mucking around!

Single use tubes on Nexus.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

IPMS Telford 2017

Belgiun cakes and models

The first lesson I learned last weekend was that buying an advance ticket is a good idea.

I learnt this as I stood in the queue for admission to the IPMS show, arriving ten minutes after the event opened its doors. I waited for 40 minutes. Next to a family with an annoying, whiny child.

The reason for all that waiting was the huge number wanting to visit. Indeed, this was a bumper year according to the organisers. I'm glad I didn't get there 10 minutes later, they would have been standing for an hour.

Hall 1

Inside, there were over 140 traders waiting for me and tens of thousands of models to look at. It's a daunting prospect.

West Sussex Club in miniature

To be honest, I could ramble on about all this, but you'd rather cut straight to the photos. Instead I'll just say that much of the day was an exercise in denying myself things. 

I denied myself several plastic kits:
  • Revell Visible V8 for £45 - Massive box to carry and then store until I got around to it. 
  • 22 inch Eagle Transporter - £130 (RRP £300) but another big box, big project and I'd really want the turned aluminium nozzles with are another £150
  • A studio scale SHADO mobile for £550 - OK, if funds and storage space were more generous. Who wouldn't want one?
  • 4 model boat kits in a box £10 - Slightly random selection of scales and not very detailed. Useless in many ways but fun. 
  • Airfix B type bus kit £10 - Looks fun but what would I do with it? 
  • Italeri Mk2 transit van kit £20 - Less than 2/3 normal price and I'd like to build it a lot, but not yet. 
  • Airfix 60s racing Alfa romeo £12 - It just looked pretty on the box. Put it back...
  • Skyvan kit. I don't do aircraft. No, I don't
And there were loads of others. The trouble with me is that I can't wander around a show like this without being tempted. Everywhere I see things that would be great fun to build. I just have to keep telling myself that I have more than enough projects. 

Rusty bug
I also had to resist eating lots of sweeties. Most of the stands seem to have a bowl at the front to tempt visitors. The Brussels model club did get me with the marzipan cakes though. 

As it was, I came away with a vintage Lindburg motorised tugboat kit. It looks big enough for small radio control and will be fun. An added advantage was that the box was just a bit too big for my rucksack so constantly reminded me I had spent money and should avoid spending too much more. 

That and a Revell beach buggy, simply because I can't justify the old Airfix version I really want and it was only £5.99. 

There are some tools and other bits too, but I'll mention them in the future. 

In the meantime, I had a really good day and I took some photos. Head over to Flickr to see them

Next year, I'll be the one with an advanced ticket in my pocket!