Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sore feet and bargains

KMBC Stand
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Another day, another 8 hours on a hard floor. I’m sure it has got worse since yesterday…

On the plus side arrival at the stand doesn’t herald a track and wheel cleaning session. In fact all we did was dump our bags and then go for a wander around the show before the crowds arrived.

I picked up a terrific bargain – a steam boat register with hundreds of photos, for a quid ! Somewhere I have a hull, which is destined to get a steam plant in it if I can find one. Then I will sort out some highly polished woodwork, hence my need for pictures.

I also took time out to attend a lecture – the ME show has a continuous program of these. Getting people in for “The theory of gear cutting” wasn’t going well judging by the number of tannoy announcements but by the time “The life & times of LBSC” was announced a crowd of about 20 were seated in the hall. The talk, which lasted an hour was both interesting and informative. I can’t image in a time when Model Engineer magazine was a weekly publication and featured real controversy in its pages. Nor do I know how a supplier sold 1000 sets of casting for the same 3½ inch gauge loco in a year. Since that year was shortly after WW2, where did the material come from ?

It’s probably tempting fate but a quick look at the model boat class winner made me feel I should have a crack at this competition. The standard of workmanship was good, but I think I could match it. Perhaps that Brede lifeboat needs to be dug out and assembled.

I've put some more pictures on Flickr if you are interested.

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