Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ex-LNER Y7

Finished Y7
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Finally, I have finished this model. The weathering went well this time with several coats of thinned greys and browns sprayed over the model and no transfers peeling off. Along the top of the boiler a coal black/tank grey mix simulates the smoke dirt but I've managed to keep this effect subtle so you can't see the join. It might be a pain setting up the airbrush but you can't produce this sort of effect any other way.

Glazing is from Krystal-Klear, crew from the box of things that I have forgotten where they came from and coal out of a packet picked up at a show once.

It's only taken 21 months to get this far, although for most of this time the model spent on the shelf of unfinished projects. It's a lovely kit to build though and looks really good for relatively little effort compared to some !

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