Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finished Kinkade Cottage

Finished Kinkade Cottage
Paint your garden - that's the last job in Kinkade cottage land. A quick coat of grass green Humbrol followed with a wash of green acrylic. The later because I don't have many yellow-greens in stock and can't be bothered to go and buy any more. Let's face it, I normally use flock powder for foliage not paint !

Colour came from dry-brushed acrylics. I've no idea what sort of bushes these are supposed to be, the model making isn't that hot, but from a distance they look OK. As mentioned, I was after a Sunday Supplement look and I think it looks pretty good.

As a project, this was great fun. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a break from "serious" modelling. Just whack some colours around and if you don't like the results then bung it in the bin. Maybe these kits should be available in a box with "In case of fine scale frustration, break glass and have some fun" on the outside !

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