Sunday, January 15, 2017

Vintage steam boats

Vintage Boats

Vintage model making has always interested me and this week a friend sent me a link to a fascinating blog post about Ted Vanner, model boat builder in the early part of the last century

We tend to think of travelling with models and taking part in events around the country as a relatively modern thing but Ted and his fellow members of the Victoria Park Model Steam  Boat Club got around a lot, including a trip to Paris. All this by train or horse drawn conveyance of course. 

Proper modelling too, with strips of tin being soldered using an iron heated up over a gas flame! Makes the sort of thing we do look very easy indeed!


Odds said...

Phil, my Granddad was a founding member of Victoria Model Steamboat Club when he was quite young. I'm sure you know it's the oldest model boat club in the world.
Alas, I have nothing of his from the period, but the club still possess a steam tug he made which used to be used to pull a dinghy round to rescue models that had died out on the lake. They still have tethered hydroplanes there, but not the biggest class any more, thanks to the local council spoiling peoples' fun as ever.

Phil Parker said...

Tethered hydroplanes are basically floating misslies aren't they? I know someone who sails one and I'm not sure I would want to be around when he's using it. At the very least I'd want someone else to check the bit of string attaching it to the pole...