Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Egg Special!

In the second ever, the first was 2014 and I can't understand why I haven't repeated it, Easter Egg special, I've bought 3 random Kinder Eggs so I can review the kit contents.

Kinder toys are the sort of thing some of us used to find inside cereal packets. The ones now found only on eBay and costing quite a lot. Well, no-one kept them did they? I remember little plastic car kits that I coveted at the time. 

Anyway, nowadays you don't have to eat an entire box of cereal (did you open the toy when opening the box or did your parents make you wait until it was finished so that your sister would steal it even though she didn't like making plastic kits like you did) to get a toy. Now you eat some egg-shaped chocolate, open a plastic pack that looks like a Minion from the films, and there you have it. 

Anyway, 3 eggs, 3 toys. Traditionalists will be pleased to see that one of them is a spinning top, only a hoop and an stick would be preferable. The top is spin by pulling a toothed belt that rotates a cog on the top of the top. 4 parts plus a sticker. Fiddly and not that thrilling if you ask me. I think you are supposed to play with these things in groups so the tops "fight" each other

Far more interesting is the plastic tractor kit. This, according to the supplied leaflet, is part of a set. As such, it's a shame I got two of them then. 

5 parts, including a baseplate with the spinning sheels already assembled to it plus 5 stickers, this is a real prize. The bucket can be raised and lowered and the model "brummed" along the floor. Nose to tail, ignoring the bucket arms, the model is 36mm long. Perhaps with some rust paint it would be suitable for the background of an N gauge model? 

Anyway, when I ate the chocolate, I realised why it's taken 3 years to repeat this, it's still horrible.  Still, at 80p each, I can't see the target market moaning too much.

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