Friday, February 16, 2018

Veron Veronica model boat kit

Veron Veronica kit

Found in an attic by a fellow railway modeller, this Veron Veronica kit must date back to the 1960s. His father had started the kit, and built the hull to a high standard, and then for some reason stopped and put it away. 

Years later, his son is looking for a home for the model and I am happy to help. 

Veron veronica kit parts

Inside the box are the suit of sails - very nicely made and ready to use. No piece of material and pattern here!

The keel consists of a hardwood part onto which is screwed a cast lead lump. The mast is split in two and joined by a brass ring. The wooden ends are turned down to fit in it. This is a quality kit. 

I'm not into yachts but know someone who (hopefully) can do the model justice. If it makes it on to the water, I'll be sure to bring you a photo.

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