Sunday, May 05, 2019

RMweb members day

Last weekend, I donned some tweed, and headed to Taunton for the RMweb members day.

The event is a nice, relaxed day where a group of friends get together to show model railway layouts, chat and eat cake. Open to all, you don't even need to be a member of RMweb to come along - although to be honest, most are. They are the practical members though - the grumpy ones who just like to moan about things can't bear to leave their computers to actually visit a show. 

Highlight of the day, apart from the cake, has to be Sandy Shores. 

Sandy Shores loco

One of those layouts that comes out of the blue and blows you away. It's quirky and imaginative with loads of quality modelling. Look out for a feature in BRM soon!

Anyway, watch the video and then head over to Flickr for more pictures.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are eating cake again, but why the Tweed or is it a RM web thing

Phil Parker said...

To have shunned the cake would have just been rude and I wouldn't want to be impolite to anyone. Obviously, I took no pleasure in any of the three slices I ate but was just chomping on them for good manners...

Tweed is the uniform of the finescale modeller. I have a complete set of MRJs and a suitable jacket now. What do you mean I need to do some modelling?