Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comet Coaches guide

At the moment I'm tangling with a Comet Models Coach kit for a, well, coach.

Now I've not built many coaches in the past and those I have been plastic apart from a couple of narrow gauge specimens. This means the whole thing is a bit of a voyage of discovery for me. Since I have aspirations to write up the build for a magazine, that's not a great thing.

Most of the work is simple enough for the veteran campaigner in the etched kit world but there are new ideas to assimilate. Luckily for me, mooching around on the website, I find that they allow you to download a useful instruction booklet giving general advice applicable to the entire range. It's a very good and interesting read. Even if you don't fancy building a coach, have a look anyway.
I can't praise this action enough. This booklet has taken time and effort to produce yet if you can live with an electronic copy, you get it for free. On the stand I suspect the £1 fee is just to limit the distribution to people who are really interested rather than those out to collect as much free paper as possible. It's not the only guide either - the downloads section of the site contains a wealth of material that I will be working my way through.

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