Thursday, February 25, 2010

O14 test track

Track Sample kitI buy projects on whims sometimes. That's why after reading a review in Narrow Gauge and Industrial Magazine, I bought a test kit for some O14 track and a wagon from KB Scale. For a tenner, I couldn't go far wrong and it certainly looked interesting.

The kit arrives in a small clear plastic box and contains rail, plastic sleepers, spikes, fishplates, a wagon kit, instructions, track gauge and finally an "I love O14" badge ! That's pretty good value for money in my opinion and just the sort of thing to encourage modellers to try a new scale. Once you have unpacked it, you have no choice but to start building as you'll never work out how to get this quart back into the pint pot.

Actually this project isn't entirely pointless - my favourite railway is the Groudle Glen on the Isle of Man. As a 2ft gauge line, it could be very nicely modelled in 7mm scale using O14 equipment. That's if I could cram the motors into the tiny locos. And work out where to get the midget wheels from - the pony wheels would only be 5.25mm in diameter !

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Neil said...

Nigel Lawton supplies 5.2mm metal wheelsets.
These are the ones that I have used in my 009 Pechot wagon kit that is now available from Meridian Models.