Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Film club: R186 signal box

It's Fathers Day tomorrow, so I hope you are all rushing out to purchase something suitable for your aged parents. 

Of course, if your parent isn't Mr Bennett from the TV show, Take Hart then you might decide to buy them something else. At the very least, you will probably wrap the present up rather than just handing it over in the paper bag from the shop. Mind you, what does he expect if he won't let the lad play with the trains? 

Nowadays, you'd do well to find a model shop as well stocked with Hornby stuff as this one. According to the YouTube comments, this was filmed in Potters Bar but I can't work out if the shop still exists. There IS a shop on Google Sreetview which does models and scuba gear, so presumably the Hornby display is long gone...

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bartholomew sorrentino said...

It looks like a reversal of roles. It's cute; almost sweet.