Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Let there be lights!

With nighttime sailing such a success, I'm going to be fitting all my boats with working lights in the future. 

I'd already bought some 3D printed navigation lights from Mastman a couple of months ago (actually, I bought lights from 3 different places, the others will go in the stash of bits) and so these were set into the wheelhouse roof. 

This wasn't quite as easy as you'd hope since I needed to hack rectangular holes for them to fit in to. I did consider setting them on legs but couldn't work out how to hide the LED legs. 

I felt that there was also space for a mast. Less than expected as I have a carrying box for the model (thanks Dad) and this only allowed for something 4cm tall. Still, a bit of scratchbuilding and an orange LED is mounted on top. In the photo, it's masked for painting and weathering, but eventually will add a bit of illumination up there.

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