Friday, May 03, 2019

Romford Bulldog motor

Romford Bulldog Motor

Found in the basement of an old model shop, this is proper, vintage model railway stuff.

An unused Romford Bulldog motor. Basically, a 5-pole version of the famous Hornby/Tri-ang X04 motor found in pretty much every loco they made many years ago. 

Those wanting smoother operation or better control would bin the X04 and replace it with one of these as I understand it. 

You'd also fit one in your kit-built locomotives if you were the sort of modeller who didn't hoover up discarded X04's. 

Motors like this come from the era when you could service things yourself. The makers might have preferred you not to take it to pieces, but you could with hand tools. Replacing the carbon brushes is simple and I suspect they are the same as the Tri-ang versions, so something you could pop into any model or toy shop and buy. 

The box and instructions mention W&H models, another famous but now departed establishment. I never went, too young, but from all accounts, it was a place to visit. I wonder if David Mellor Design who now occupy the premises, have anything interesting in their cellar?  



Rob said...

Hi Phil,

I actually work for David Mellor (In the Hathersage factory anway!) As far as I'm aware, prior to opening the Marylebone shop in 2017, it was totally empty, cellar and all.

Sorry to dash any hopes of a time capsule of Romford Motors turning up! ;)

Phil Parker said...

Booo. And there was I hoping to break down a wall and find exciting (to toy train fans) treasure!