Sunday, December 28, 2008

Worst of Brede

Brede plan
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The plan was to photocopy the sections from the Brede plan, transfer then to plasticard and fit these bulkheads to the vac-formed hull. Simple.

I made the foremost bulkhead and tried it. No way would this fit. Not a hope. Too tall, too wide and not nearly pointy enough.

OK, so the hull wasn't an exact match. I was prepared for this and decided plan B would be to get a couple of bulkheads in that fitted the hull I had and work from there. The hull didn't look too bad so I planned to try and use it, modifying things to fit.

One of the problems with a Bred is the hull has no straight lines. The deck sweeps up from the stern and this really contributes to the "look" of this vessel. Needless to say the plastic hull offered no guidance for this. I took a few measurements from the chine line upwards and then used a bit of plastic strip to join the dots.

The sweep at the bow still didn't look right. Too high and with an odd bend. Any hope of sanding this out and re-establishing a smooth curve disappeared when the attempts to do this with a sander fitted with the finest paper caused the aged plastic to shatter. Things weren't looking good. From the side the curves were wrong. From the top there were problems too - the bow wasn't symmetrical either.

In the end I've had to give up on this "kit". It has followed the Pilot boat into the bin. But, I've not given up on a building a Brede. It is a lovely looking boat and people have been really kind by sending me extra information. There has to be a way for me to build this model, and not one that involves a £120 1/12th kit either...

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