Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Coal Tank Chassis

Coal Tank Chassis
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Apparently there are two versions of the coal tank locomotive chassis kit. In this case the older version has been specified - the newer one has some changes and slightly more detail. Quite where that detail might be I will have to investigate at some point. What we have looks pretty good to me !

With the etched parts in nickel silver, construction is completely conventional - a pair of sides separated with fold up spacers. The bearing holes needed opening out a touch as expected. Inside the frames are half-etched marks to help locate the firebox/ashpan sides.

Everything appears to be accurate enough. The bearings are all level and match the holes in the coupling rods well enough. I'll find out better once the wheels are in. There is still a rear pony to construct of course and I've had fun with kit manufacturers attempts to fake a radial truck in the past so we'll see how that goes.

The only non-nickel part here is the footplate support which is from the brass sheet. Each support is formed of two parts - a triangular bracket and riveted plate this emerges from on the chassis. Perhaps a slightly longer tab on the bracket would have been nice but it's nothing to worry about.

One error the eagle eyed will spot is that I've attached the front guard irons. At the time I wondered why they didn't have nice etched locations like the rears do - that's because they actually fit to part of the frames fitted tot he body. Perhaps if I read the instructions properly then I'd have spotted this and saved a few minutes desoldering and cleaning up. Mind you, all those instructions, they are only in there as a last resort aren't they ?!

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