Friday, September 01, 2017

Railbus - done

On30 Railbus front

Job done. The 20 quid "pig in a poke" railbus kit is finished.

There were a few little jobs to do. The headlight has been filled with Krystal Klear - eventually it will go something like transparent but that's going to take ages because I ladeled it in rather than pouring thin layers. 

Looking at the photos, the roof fit isn't very good but it doesn't show from "normal veiwing angles" thanks to the massive overhang. I'll probably fix it at some point though. 

One job I should have done is test the model. As it was, some poking and prodding and cleaning of wheels was required to get it working. This involved taking the freshley glued roof off. One to remember for next time. It now runs sweet as a nut though thanks to the lovely Bachy mechanism. 

Finishing touches were a dusting with weathering powders (dark brown, soot, 2 shades of rust) and a bit of pencil rubbing where the paint might wear through the metal. A little cleaning with cotton buds kept the powders in nooks and crannies where they should be.

On30 Railbus back
Anyway, a nice little model, well worth what I paid for it. Once day there will be a layout for it and my other On30 stock to run on, but not straight away. For the moment, this can be a showcase queen while I find something else to do.

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luke stevens said...

It’s lovely. Well done Phil!